Kids Furniture


Your kid’s job is playing games and it is a very important job!


Learns sharing.

Your kid invites you to their own world. They share their most valuable game tools with you and offer you the cake they baked enthusiastically. With this sharing they express themselves and fulfil their need for establishing harmonious relations with their environment.

Contributes to the development of cognitive processes.

Designed specifically for your kids by referring to expert opinion, this “Kitchenette” has many parts. This contributes to the cognitive achievements of your kids such as pairing, attention, strategy developing, goal-orienting, reasoning, classifying, problem solving.

Their creativity and imagination develop.

They can move freely in the Kitchenette so they reveal their emotions and improve their creativity.
In the Kitchenette they reflect their emotional reactions towards the social roles they see in their environment. They not only enjoy this but also satisfy their feeling of curiosity and their entrepreneurship and imagination flourish.



Good reading habits develop at an early age.

Presence of bookshelves with children’s books at home makes the children feel that books are important items for humans. At this phase, children should be gradually provided with the reading culture about how to use books, what to pay attention to when turning the pages and even the proper way to sit while reading.