Harmony & Tranquillity

A neolith countertop was used in this minimalist kitchen designed
with completely hidden accessories.

The usage of a hidden drawer inside the drawer, a tall pantry cabinet and a mini bar

Sophisticated & Minimalist

Inspired by the bridge design of Mimar Sinan, this kitchen is designed without compromising
its functionality while challenging the standard kitchen typology.

Elegant & Quality

An elegant and quality design has been conjured with the combination of
warm tones with white and smooth surfaces.

Warm & Sincere

An alluring and modern atmosphere is created with the
warm wood tones and glossy white covers.

Separate cabinets for microwave and accessories, neolith porcelain countertop
and functional wooden vertical cabinets have been used.

Functional & Aesthetic

A kitchen design brought forth the combination of wood, dark grey,
white and straight and horizontal forms.

While the island creates a large counter area in the kitchen, withal, a place where you can have pleasant moments
in the kitchen with the wooden bar part has been created.

Elegant & Minimalist

A perfect kitchen created with the perfect harmony of white and dark grey glossy covers.

Pull out pots and pantry organizers, and an ergonomic plate holder.

Free & Innovative

Perfect match of matte concrete countertop with glossy white lacquered covers.

Spacious & Comfortable

The warmth of wood comes into your life with the functionality of the island kitchen.

Wooden Island Kitchen

Modern & Minimalist

Find peace and tranquillity in your home with the minimalist design away from complexity.

Minimalist & Functional

The minimalist kitchen design with the harmony of glossy lacquered doors
and the warmth of wood.

Aesthetics & Flawless

A perfect kitchen designed with the use of glossy lacquered covers
and the distinctive handless.

Ergonomic & Minimalist

For those who do not want to give up neither classical lines
nor modern designs.

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